Rules and Regulations

Local Audi quattro Cup tournaments

Handicap limit per player: 36
Handicap limit per team: 56
Maximum handicap difference between both players: 20
The Audi quattro Cup cannot be carried out on a par-3 golf course

Game Modus

Select Drive Alternate Shot (Greensome Stableford): Both players hit a tee shot. The best shot is selected and the playing partner whose ball is not selected will hit the next shot. The team alternates shots until the ball is holed. Each ball is to be played as it lies and the ball that is selected may not be switched during the remainder of the hole.

The scoring in Stableford competitions is made by points awarded in relation to a fixed score (net par) at each hole as shown below:

More than one over fixed score
   or no score returned:
One over fixed score:
Fixed score:
One under fixed score:
Two under fixed score:
Three under fixed score:

The winner is the team that scores the highest number of points.

Handicap allowance

The player with the lower course handicap is allowed 60 percent of his course handicap. The player with the higher course handicap is allowed 40 percent of his course handicap. The maximum course handicap difference between both players cannot be higher than 20.

Forming a Team
  • A team must consist of one Audi owner plus partner
  • The course will play host of up to 60 teams of two players each, totaling up to 120 participants.
  • Teams may be all male, all female, or a combination
  • Participants must be above 18 years of age
  • The minimum age is 18 years.
  • The maximum handicap is 36.0 (index) for individual players and the maximum cumulative handicap is 56.0 (index) for the team.
  • The players must submit an updated proof of their handicap (certified by the individual’s local golf club) to the tournament director.
  • A reduction of any individual’s handicap to the required maximum handicap is not permitted.

The net scores will be converted into Stableford points. The team with the most Stableford points will be the winners.

Competition committee: Tournament Director of Audi quattro Cup Singapore 2019, the Director of Golf of Sentosa Golf Club and a representative from Audi.
*Kindly reach out to the competition committee during the event if there are any disputes and the competition committee’s decision is final.

Audi quattro Cup Singapore 2019 Champion

Winning team of The New Tanjong

Extra awards:

Longest Drive
Nearest To The Pin
Nearest To Line