2018: Henry Lim and Seng Tick Yang

The 2018 tournament was played at the Sentosa Golf Club, New Tanjong Course.

The champions – Henry Lim and Seng Tick Yang – won an all-expenses-paid trip and represented Singapore to compete in the World Final in Kitzbühel, Austria.

  1. What was your favourite part about the Audi quattro Cup?
    Our favourite part was meeting other Audi aficionados and being able to represent Singapore for the World Final.
  2. What have you learned from your experience at the Audi quattro Cup?
    We gained many new perspectives for our game and also golf tips from interactions with other participants.
  3. Three tips or tricks you’d give to any Audi quattro Cup participant?
    Relax and enjoy the experience.
    Keep calm and carry on playing.
    Be focused.
  1. How would you describe the Audi quattro Cup World Final in a sentence?
    An experience of a lifetime.
  2. How does it feel to represent Singapore?
    It was a great honor.
  3. How has this experience changed your perspective of Audi as a brand?
    Audi is not just a brand, but a family that cares about its owners and that the Audi vehicles are their pride and joy.